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Romper Stomper is a 1992 Australian drama film written and directed by Geoffrey Wright in his feature film directorial debut. The film stars Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock, Jacqueline McKenzie and Tony Lee. The film tells the story of the exploits and downfall of a neo-Nazi group in blue-collar suburban Melbourne. The film was released on 12 November 1992.

Romper Stomper is also an Australian television drama series that was released on video streaming service Stan on 1 January 2018.[1] It is created as a sequel to the 1992 film of the same name and is set 25 years after the events in the film. The six-part series follows a new generation of fictional far-right activists and their far-left, anti-fascist counterparts, with the story focussing on a fictional far-right anti-Islamic group led by Blake Farron (Lachy Hulme) known as Patriot Blue. Jacqueline McKenzie, Dan Wyllie and John Brumpton reprise their roles from the original film. The series is produced by John Edwards and Dan Edwards for Roadshow Rough Diamond. The original film's director, Geoffrey Wright, directs two episodes, alongside fellow directors Daina Reid and James Napier Robertson. The series was commissioned by Stan in January 2017, and was filmed in Melbourne across 9 weeks in August 2017.

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  • Hando - Leader of the Melbourne Skinheads - portrayed by Russel Crowe
  • Davey - Hando's second - portrayed by Daniel Pollock
  • Gabrielle - The girl worth fighting over - portrayed by Jacqueline McKenzie
  • Brent - portrayed by Frank Magree
  • Bubs - portrayed by James McKenna
  • Cackles - portrayed by Dan Wyllie
  • Champ - portrayed by Eric Mueck
  • Luke - portrayed by Christopher McLean
  • Megan - portrayed by Josephine Keen
  • Sonny Jim - portrayed by Leigh Russell
  • Tracy - portrayed by Samantha Bladon
  • Flea - portrayed by Stephen Hall
  • Jacqui - portrayed by Janei Anderson
  • Magoo - portrayed by John Brumpton
  • Tiger - Victim rising against the Skinheads - portrayed by Tony Lee
  • Martin - Gabrielle's abusive father - portrayed by Alex Scott
  • Harold - Bar owner - portrayed by Don Bridges

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